Warzone Slayer/Big Team Slayer

We all know that we want it.

Before I begin, let me say that, despite my expertise and the lack thereof, I know that the coding and design that went into standard Warzone and Warzone assault was driven by huge coffee mugs and late, late nights. AI and point systems cannot be easy.

Now, for my request. Some of us older dogs just want slayer. Old fasioned, 8v8 slayer on maps that make us feel fuzzy. Know what’s awesome? REQs. I love the REQ system and so do countless others. However, that love fades when the only places we can use them is in either standard Warzone where the AI-based point system is easily theived, Warzone Assault where the game can be pushed so fast that I don’t even really get a chance to use them, or Warzone Firefight, and I definitely feel like I’m wasting these weapons on AI only.

Only other humans should feel the pain that I’ve earned the right to bring.

Who cares about the balance of Warzone Slayer? That’s for us, the players, to get comfortable with.

And the maps we were given? Man I remember when the Coagulation-Valhallah maps were actually updated and integrated. People used to look forward to that map, and anyone reading this will tell you that they’ve never left a game of standard Slayer on those beautiful, balanced, hallway-oriented maps. Long lines, two bases, and one hellacious line of War right in the middle.

That, my friends at 343, is what the people want. We didn’t even get a new edition of Blood Gulch. We got a forge map.


That map defines what huge multiplayer brawls were supposed to be! Not spawning in the middle of some circular madhouse (looking at you, “Unearthed”) and not knowing what the hell is going on.

Show me a Warzone Slayer on Valhalla, and I’ll show you a happy fan base.

And if we can’t have that, can we at least have a slayer-only playlist for 8v8? That would be nice.

Yours always,

If I am correct, you’re wishing for a map, not Warzone with the AI entry.

But a Warzone Slayer of 8v8, with no AI, and only REQ weaponry that you can call out along with vehicles. Because I’ll admit, sometimes normal slayer gets bland, and even BTB does as well.

I thought you were inclining that you wanted a 12v12 BTB mode from the title.

I would totally play that mode if it happened.

Personally, I’m not a fan of REQs and wouldn’t like to see them in a mode like that. I just want the typical spawn warthogs, BRS, etc and just having hell break loose on the battlefield.

> We all know that we want it.

I do? How do you know what I want?

As for the actual concept… maybe. Main issue I see is the possible farming complaints.

i don’t love reqs and i don’t want them in btb style

If complaints should arise, they could just take their gameplay elsewhere. Just like those don’t like FFA don’t play it. Perhaps all my words aren’t conveying my point.

All I’m saying is that a Warzone Slayer would be nice. And if we can’t have that, how’s about a BTB playlist that’s exclusive to slayer?

I would buy more REQ packs with Warzone Slayer, though. Just me.