Warzone reqs not loading


I have been having a problem in warzone where Im unable to access reqs midgame. It says something like “Loading reqs” or something but it bugs me when ive got level 7 reqs yet still stuck with my default assault rifle and magnum when the other team starts rolling out scorpions and stuffs. It seems to happen quite often. Im wondering if this issue is just me or if others have had this happen as well.

Retrieving Data is what it sais, I believe that is what you mean. You are not alone. Hundreds maybe thousands of players have been there at least once. I have had quite a few games like that myself. :video_game:

Yeah thats it. That retrieving data thing has been pissin me off. Glad to know it’s not just me tho.

Sadly this is a quite common problem and they still didn’t fix it.

I have made a Topic about this as well. Like i said there, it is really awesome by 343, to implement a microtransaction system that nobody ever wanted and that doesnt even work!!! And they dont even fix it! 2 Months after game release still no fix, but lets implement more gold REQ-Packages for real money.

Plus i havent seen any info like “yep, we know that, we are working on”. Just awful and disrespectful!

Link to the Topic i created: