Warzone reqs NOT available

Here it is. You’ve busted -Yoink- at work or school or life in general. You park your weary butt down and get the thumbs ready to slay. And right as you wanna hop into a vehicle or get a different gun. There it is. Reqs not available. The ENTIRE game. I’m a glass half full kinda guy. "I guess I’ll just get better with my AR. But for all 5 rounds??! Forget trying to win firefight! Those automaton ammo sponges are NOT going down.
It’s not my connection as ALL players are stuck with the basic loadouts. What gives 343. Some cats paid actual money. Not Disney dollars. What day you?!

343 are aware of the current issues and are investigating. In an effort to keep things clean and organized and not have hundreds of threads discussing the same issue, I’m going to close it in favor of these 2 active threads noted below. Feel free to leave your reports there, the more detailed the better so screenshots, video clips and links to games are encouraged