Warzone Req Pack - did not receive items

Purchased the Warzone Req pack today. It downloaded but no packs showed up to download and can’t seem to find them anywhere. Was able to ‘unistall’ and ‘reinstall’ the bundle through the dashboard but they still won’t appear. Feel a tad cheated out at the moment…

After buying and installing the DLC it can apparently take a day or 2 to register. I was talking with a Microsoft Rep, they had said there was a known problem with Halo 5 DLC and that they were working to fix it. Honestly just try and stay updated with the community and if people start getting them and you dont then keep at it. I too am still waiting for the Warzone and Pre-order Packs :frowning:

Thanks, I’ll keep checking back to see.

I’m having the same issue man. 24.99 is alot of money for something. I hope this gets fixed asap.

It is mostly cosmetic. I do agree its irritating but i doubt it’s going to change your gameplay that wildly. Its mostly just annoying because its something you SHOULD have.

Still playing this regardless. Having a lot of fun with warzone when I’m able to get a group of friends. Just a tad annoying to not have the pack right away