Warzone Req Organization Coming?

I have a lot of warzone loadout Req’s, and it makes it difficult to find the right weapons/mods quickly.
I think that a system should be implemented similarly to LoL’s Item Sets, and probably many others. You can set up your own rows of req’s to use, label them, divide them, and you can go level by level, or whatever you want.
With so many different sights on each and every weapon, this would make it much easier to quickly identify what you want to use and select it.
I don’t know if something like this is already in progress, if so, please fill me in.

I haven’t heard of any changes coming, but they’d sure be welcome. Halo 5 just needs one huge UI overhaul.

God, i hope so XD

i’d be fine with the way it is right now if it didn’t take a year to load and or scroll through tbh…

I just always take my time and see what I can pull out or feel to deploy :3