Warzone Req List Idea

Sorry if someone has said this before, but I think it would be cool if we could re-order/organize our reqs. For example I only use a few different BR’s, I’d like it if I could put them at the beginning of the req list instead of scrolling down 20 guns to get to them. Maybe let us star/favorite weapons and vehicles to have them always be at the start of the list? Or have set load outs for certain req levels. Like letting a player set their req level 5 load out to be a certain BR, SMG and armor mod. So a player would be able to run to a station select their load out from one menu instead of three. It’d be nice and speed up the game a bit.

That would definitely be helpful. They had load outs in Halo 4 and they should bring it back.

Yeah it’d just make req’ing things less of a pain, maybe it’d further help the menu lag. Or make it worse, who knows? I’m just tired of digging through menus.