Warzone Req Bundle

Hey just wondering what time of the day will the Warzone Req arrive?

I’ve been waiting since the 27 and I still haven’t gotten 1. Seems like I spent $25 on nothing.

Well I usually get mine on Monday but I cant say I know the exact time. If you havent got your bundle yet I would contact support or tweet one of the devs.

Mine usually drops on Monday as well. I got mine Saturday, then again on Monday… so maybe Monday

I bought the bundle on this past tuesday and got two packs, i’m assuming I will get two more tomorrow or tuesday? I’m a bit worried how some folks have received 4 packs, others 2 and some people haven’t received any.

I probably don’t play enough, but what is this Warzone Req Pack? Not sure if i’ve ever gotten one before. Is it some preorder thing?

I’m writing this because xbl support told me too. I guess this lets 343 know that I haven’t gotten my req packs yet. I bought the halo 5 Xbox one and traded in my digital copy for a hard copy. I was told that I would still get my dlc including the req bundle and future map packs. But since I still have yet to receive the warzone req bundle I’m afraid I may not receive the map packs ether. Please give me my dlc 343