Warzone REQ Bundle Question

Read the bold text for tl;dr, I like to ramble.

So, I bought the Warzone REQ Bundle and received my first 2 Packs about two weeks ago. Last weekend (You know I’m not exactly sure what the day was) I received my next 2 Packs for a total of 4. It has now been over a week and I have yet to receive my next two packs.

My question is,

Is there a certain time/day of the week you receive these packs no matter what? When I initially bought it I’m almost positive I got my 3rd and 4th pack in less than 7 days but now I am almost positive it has been over another 7 days and I still have yet to receive my next series of packs.


I’m almost certain on the dates I claim but the ultimate answer could lie in the next two days if I end up receiving these packs. If anyone has any further knowledge on when these packs arrive though it would be greatly appreciated. Another thing I want to note is that about 3-4 days ago I was playing online as usual and when I opened up the “store” tab the Warzone REQ bundle reappeared before the Gold pack. I right bumper tabbed over to my available packs then left bumper tabbed back and it was gone. Glitch maybe? Maybe I’m worrying too much and they’ll arrive soon. If anyone has answers to my question I will be thankful!