Warzone REQ Bundle Never Showed Up

Hi all,

I purchased the Warzone REQ Bundle a few weeks ago and I have yet to receive one of the packs. Here’s the thing, I already received the bundle from the collector’s edition and got all of those packs. When I went to buy the pack again on my Xbox it said I’m only allowed to have one per account, but, I was able to buy it again on the Xbox store online. I’m wondering if I really wasn’t supposed to be able to buy it a second time and if the packs will never show up because of that.

Has anyone else has had this issue and, if so, how did you get it resolved? I tried to talk to the Xbox support but they simply directed me here.

Thanks for your help.

Users may only redeem one Warzone REQ Bundle per Xbox Live account

Hey OP, if you bought the 2nd pack before the 25th of January then you should be getting a message form Xbox Live soon. More details in this topic :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I purchased it on the 4th of February. I tried to contact Xbox and get a refund but they said to contact 343 so here I am. I have a funny feeling that I’ll never be seeing that money again.

I’ve purchased the req bundle only ONCE and I still haven’t gotten my second two yet.