Warzone REQ Bundle issue

This is my fifth week of my bundle and I didn’t get my weekly pack last night. I clicked on unopened packs and there is nothing there.

Same for me idk whats going on

Same here…

Same here GT - a b1ind sniper… please help us!!

I bought another and it’s not even showing up in my in game store now

I didnt get mine either

Does it even show in the in game store for you??

Same me I didn’t get it!!! Sigh!

If it’s been 7 weeks since lunch then it might be done. I didn’t get mine either but find this.


The new “daily incentive” might be their way of making up for it?

My store wont even launch???

I didn’t get mine this week either and after checking to see if it was just expired already I checked and it didn’t give me the option to purchase so idk what’s going on.

I did not get mine as well. Are they waiting for the Cartographers pack?