Warzone req bundle issue

I had purchased the Halo 5 limited edition console that you could pre download the game and add-ons with which messed something up with the warzone req bundle now I see that you guys are able to check into this as a customer who invested 700 on your product please look into this for me thank you Martell4life

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Need help please respond

Come on 343 stop ignoring the issue and at least address it and let us know you are working on it, this is pretty awful customer service.

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> Need help please

Mods could you please contact someone from 343 so people can get help.

It truly sucks that I can not get a response from 343 on the issue but when I re-write on my post asking for help a monitor reports me for bumping threads nice job 343 bungee would never in a million years for 1 ignore there customers 2 sell them something that doesn’t work 3 make the customer feel like they can’t express there concern I truly hope you guys are planning on making up for this mess you have created

I am really confused on what you are asking here since I do not see any periods. Is the problem the console, the add-ons, the Warzone Bundle?

If it is the bundle, have you tried re-downloading it? Or calling Microsoft support about this?