Warzone Req Bundle glitch (try 3)

I just clicked on the Warzone Req bundle to purchase it and it gave me a loading screen then without thew loading screen finishing and bringing me to the screen where i hit confirm on what payment option I use it just said in the Xbox pop up (the hold down the Xbox logo button) your Warzone Req bundle is ready as if i bought it. I didn’t even get to press confirm or anything for the purchase. And now the Warzone Req bundle is gone and I didn’t even get any of the packs. This is first off a major issue because I had money in my paypal not my debit card so if the purchase did glitch and actually go through and use my bank account instead of my paypal I’m screwed. Also cant even get the Warzone Req bundle because its not there anymore. HELP PLS

If the REQ bundle payment went off it will reverse itself on your debit card if the REQ pack was not delivered. If you didn’t have enough funds it should not of been able to go through so you should be fine on your account. The Warzone REQ bundle should appear when it is available. It disappeared on my game 2 days ago but it is back now.