Warzone Region Lock

Dear 343industries, people in countries that vary from South Korea (myself), Brazil, and many more are experiencing problems with warzone as of being able to join or even flat out play the game type. Your region lock makes it impossible for us to find a match. I believe I played less than 10 matches and it was way too hard to find them. Please fix this problem ASAP because we are all missing out on something we payed for.

Having exactly the same problem. I really wish they could at least remove the region lock until they’ve found a fix for the matchmaking in those regions.

Same problem, i worked all day and just wanted to play Warzone to try to unlock the Kelly’s armor via REQ … but warzone not working.

Please i cant get into any match, just remove region lock

You shouldn’t have complained about being put on US servers then.

Here is what I seen on here and reddit.

People experience lag
“Omg. The lag is insane. We need to region lock the servers”

343I turns on region lock.
“Omg, we here in Australia can’t find games anymore. Turn off region lock”

343I turns it back off and lag returns
“Omg, the lag is insane. We need to region lock the servers”

And the cycle continues

Well thats wonderful, i can play titanfall with US with no lag, and i’m not from australia, do a region unlock trial with south america then