Warzone PVE: Insurgents(idea)

Basically its 6v6 on smaller Warzone maps. These modes are primarily about Enemy AI. Way heavier density of enemies than Warzone, with bosses not being as bullet spongy.

Think Firefight with waves of enemies and bosses flowing in, but with a small chance of running into other enemy Spartans for diversity, that way PVEasy complainers have something too.

Three gametypes to start:

As described above. Kill enemy AI and Spartans to win, first to 500 points wins. Spartan kills net slightly lower points to keep focus on AI, but are still strategic kills.

Neutral flag
One flag is protected by a base full of enemy AI and a Boss character. The boss’ corpse spawns the flag.

Ducks vs Hogs
1 team spawns in 3 Warthogs, the other in 6 Banshees(with only plasma cannons), first to 1000 points wins. Spartan kills net a very low score.