Warzone problems

This is just for feedback not to create a rant thread. I live in Western Canada Vancouver and have a very good connection, but I dread playing Halo multiplayer because of the game play problems. I just played a warzone match and it was terrible, frame rate problems and lag making it impossible to enjoy the game. I’ve been playing Halo multiplayer since the beginning of Halo online and with a crappier connection at that and have never experienced this level of game problems. I play other games and while problems do pop up it’s nothing like I am experiencing now. Multiplayer is virtually unplayable and it’s depressing because I have always liked Halo multiplayer over any other game. I hope these problems can be fixed, but they do seem to be getting worse, to me.

Happy gaming

If you could get some clips and all you info, and post here. SERVER REPORTS: LATENCY, DISCONNECTS, ETC