Warzone post game

Why is there no post-game lobby when playing single player online? All I ever get to play is JIP where someone rage quit the moment the other team captured the fortress. I can understand your first game being a JIP, but after that why can I not stay with the group I just played with? I never quit a game, never exit the lobby, and still im stuck with game after game of JIP where I have to try to mop up the mess others left.

I guess it’s so people don’t have to exit and reenter the lobby in order to escape getting crushed by the same people from the previous match. Sorry for your JIP streak, but it could be worse. This is why I don’t like Warzone, this and bosses.

The JIP has always been crappy. There have been several posts of folks joining a game and 10 seconds later, the game ends and bam, you got a loss on your record.

But think about it… You’re wanting to stay with a group of people in the lobby right… Well that’s not going to happen. The Halo 5 lobby is still garbage. You can’t communicate with people in the lobby. Only when the game is about to start. Even post game, the lobby gets muted or whatever. Plus you can’t even see who’s talking.

Sorry to say, but I don’t think the JIP is going to be fixed. Just like the lobby still being crap. Just like the REQ system being laggy when selecting REQs. (Especially if you’ve acquired everything)… But rest easy Spartan… I’m sure 343 will put out another update to royally jack up the weapons so that a PISTOL beats an AUTOMATIC RIFLE… You know, because that makes total sense.

Ive heard 343 uses people who routinely quit to replace those who quit (sort of an “ashes to ashes” if you will) however I never quit from games, yet I’m routinely forced to clean them up when people do. I don’t even get a chance to capture the spire/fortress, instead I’m constantly forced to try to capture it from enemies

Not to bump the post (more of an afterthought) but it truly feels like Halo 5 is punishing me for either one of two possibilities

  1. being a good sport and finishing games and therefore forcing me to endlessly complete warzone matches people rage quit from (which is never fun as 99% of the time it’s a one way fight I’m guaranteed to lose)
  2. playing single player (since this game would rather have 1 player 60 FPS than local multiplayer) online

Neither of these options are something I should be punished for, and the fact that I play back to back to back to back to back, etc games (never having left the lobby) of JIP is absolute -Yoink-. I love the mechanics of Halo 5, but this is -Yoinking!- -Yoink- and has been since launch

I feel ya bro. Sometimes I JIP a mess of a game, lose, stay in the match intermission, then JIP the next game playing the EXACT same team. How did I lose my spot?

the players who leave the parties is because they do not like losing, and there are too many in halo.

Which is why 343 truly needs to do something. If a player quits why not ban them for an hour (not banned from warzone, banned from Halo 5 online for the hour). If it’s an emergency where they truly need to go then that’s fine, the hour will be done by the time they get back, but if they’re quitting because they don’t want to play a game they feel they’ll lose then they’re SOL and don’t get to play at all. Why is something like this not implemented already?

I miss being able to stay in a lobby but lets hope they bring it back in h6… oh yeah and MAP VOTING