warzone players: stop complaining about farming

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I see the same tired story again and again: "Farming isn’t fixed! Get your act together 343i"

Here is why I don’t play Warzone:
Please keep in mind, this is a casual playlist, it’s not meant to be competitive, it’s an offshoot of BTB which was never meant to be competitive in the first place. This is why 343i kept it unranked like BTB. Since it’s unranked, you will face and team up with people with widely different levels of skill unless you are in a full party. You will have awful teammates, good teammates, or any combination of both. It’s all dumb luck.since this game is casual, don’t expect people to work together.
Unless you are in a party, farming and playing no defense/offense in Warzone assault should be expected. You will find that a lot of players do not care if they win or lose. They just want to either have fun, pad their stats, get commendations, or most importantly, people just play to get REQ points to buy REQ packs. win or lose, Warzone nets you more XP and RP than Arena, so many players will farm in Warzone not giving a -Yoink- whether they win or lose.with that being said, stop complaining about a game where no one tries. you and a few other people may be trying, and that’s good for you, but to expect coordination, competition, and/or playing the objective, is the wrong mindset going into Warzone which is why I don’t play Warzone or BTB unless I just want to -Yoink- around.
Otherwise, I stick to Arena where, for the most part, you’ll find more players who want to actually win the game.

Yeah, how dare people talk about a game mode that is supposed to be just for fun yet a variety of circumstances prevent them from having fun. Complaining about those complainers will definitely solve the problem.

Complaining about complainers isn’t going to fix anything.