Warzone or big team

wich do you think they should have focused on first warzone or big team? Was it the right move?

Warzone is the revolution!

Yes, pushing Warzone first was the right decision. They’re expanding the fan base and allowing us to try out a new mode (which looks awesome imo). Although I am an avid BTB fan, I’m glad that they’re giving us a BTB variation with Warzone, and I’m totally fine with it being focused on.

As long as btb makes its way into the game within reasonable time, I am fine with pushing us into warzone. At least I can get my vehicle fix on.

We’ve all experienced BTB and know what it’s like already. Warzone is new and fresh, with a higher player cap, REQs, AI enemies, and bases to capture.

Yes it was the right move. BTB didn’t NEED an upgrade but it’s really nice that they’re doing this. It was right for them to focus on WZ because BTB styled playlists were the most populated during H4 so they figured that they should go ham.

One could make the argument that the H4 arena was broken or unfair because of fundamental changes to gameplay, and that’s why they have those statistics, so they shouldn’t ignore Arena. This is true however, they have obviously given the same love towards Arena, but in WZ they are definitely much less restricted in respect of their ideas or additions.

Warzone was a great idea and I can’t wait to play it to see how it came out.

While I will miss BTB and I’m sure it’ll get added eventually, but Warzone is honestly one of the things I am most excited about in regards to H5.