Warzone not working

Everytime i play warzone midway into the game i get kicked out into a blank screen where i am forced to have to turn of my xbox…

This started happening right after that hotfix update.
I wanted to show my friend how good halo 5 was but he isnt going to get it now because of this mess

Has your Xbox had any physical damage?, seems closer to a hardware problem in my opinion.

No theres no physical damage because all the arena playlists work perfectly fine for me and my other games are all working too in multiplayer.

Lots of other people on the forums seem to allso be having similar issues since this horrible badly thought update

Hmm this is what I thought, update seems to be having issues. Thought there was somthing I could do sorry, can fix coding issues. Hope it works soon.

Can i have some input please from anyone at 343 about when this issue will be fixed??