Warzone not finding match

Issue: When I start matchmaking for (vanilla) Warzone, it takes 4 minutes before it gives me an error:
“Unable to match
There may not be enough players to support a match in this playlist.”

Everytime I try I get this or just kicked for being idle. My player level is 147. My search preference is Expanded and NAT Type is Open. I get a solid 170 mbps down and 70mbps up speed with 135 ping (all statistics from the Xbox). Other playlists work fine including Warzone Firefight. Issue occurs on this account im using in the forums.
Workaround: I made a new account and tried playing on that. It just works perfectly fine. Matches found quickly. Downside to this is that I dont have any of my REQs.
You can ask me for additional info, if you require it.

Please help. Thanks in advanced.

A Fix: Just delete your account from your Xbox (look it up on how to do it) and sign back in. It worked for me (dont know how).