warzone NEEDS changes and fixes

Bases that are all the same in every map

A.I that hardly seems useful or challenging

Assault being too short

Same modes all the time

Vehicles still weak and useless

So generally speaking warzone needs
1- Better bases that aren’t copies

2- More A.I not just Boses. Clearing bases should take longer. You should be facing 20+ legendary grade a.I

3- More random a.i . like groups of random a.I

4: More open areas where vehicles dominate

5: More modes like CTF. Assault. Just slayer

6: Modes with full req ability allowing all guns and vehicles at start

Agree with, it needs some tweaks and additions, but still alot of fun and could be even better

“Same modes all the time”
Is like complaining that Showdoen is all about kills…

But I agree with most of your points.


  1. Not sure if thats plausible as you want both teams to have the same challenge in the bases.
    2 and 3. It has to remain somewhat limited because it also boosts your “req energy” if they add to many players will be at level 8 very early in game potentially creating even more imbalances
    4&5 agree with.
  2. This would definitely be an interesting gametype. I would guess very chaotic. Everybody would be either using snipers and or tanks and banshees. Can’t imagine up to 12 or worst case 24 banshees in the air at the same time. I think people would also burn thru their reqs really quickly in a game like that. not sure if thats a good thing or bad thing.

In my personal opinion, Warzone was a wasted opportunity and I want the whole mode REHAULED but that’s never going to happen.

I mean who though it was a good idea to make a three-plot gamemode on HUGE maps anyways? Battlefield regulates it to five to keep balance and prevents spawn trapping. Then again, the whole base thing is useless anyways and very unbalanced creating the most horrid maps I’ve ever played in as large scale FPS mode…

All the maps are unbalanced, usually giving more advantage to one team.

Like Apex 7 and how if you control Spire and Beach Armory, You basically have free Legendary kills whole game. And the team who holds these spots is Red team, because their home base can quickly traverse around since they have a cave system that’ll get them everywhere with ease including the beach. They have free access to Cave armory and Spire. Then they can push and spawn trap Blue into their home base after stealing beach armory.

Or Noctis, where Warden will spawn between an armory and the monument. TWICE. Just what? Why does a 150 VP boss spawn ON ONE SIDE? TWICE? So whoever holds these bases will win every time. Doesn’t help that all the bases are too close in proximity. He should have alternated or something since he comes in two times. It’s the only symmetrical map, but it’s still unbalanced and open sight lines are terrible. This map had the most potential in my opinion, it should have been an actual city with lots of vehicle lanes.

ARC is spawn trap central, and it’s soo bad how the two armories are practically neighbors. And it’s extra bad how the fortress vehicle dispenser, dispenses vehicles right out into the small battlefield being destroyed instantly. It’s the only map I can stand, but people have abused it by skipping over bosses and putting one man in the armory and fortress then sending their whole team two the enemies armory causing spawn trapping.

MoSB is just bad because it’s literally just spawn cam central with lanes to traverse on. Same problems as ARC but just more cramped. I like the boss setup though.

Warzone needs at least spawn outposts or pelican drop offs set on a timer.

And i want Warzone bosses to give large chunks of REQ boost. Not literally 150 Spartan kills. That’s just an outright terrible gameplay decision.

343 said the reason they’re using the same base models is to safe time and resources. Which is lazy but I understand it. Yet. We still only have four maps that lack variety all asides their themes.

In in my personal opinion, Warzone is the laziest gamemode I’ve seen in my life. It feels like a lifeless husk. I don’t feel as if I’m in a Warzone whatsoever. Titanfalls nailed the feeling of chaos for me and even Battlefield and Battlefront and those maps are also static, empty and monotonous. Halo 5 Warzone without anything in it is stark and empty with the same bases across all maps.

Sorry for for the rant, I’m just disappointed that this gamemode turned out soo terrible and was made specifically to waste REQs (ie the vehicle dispensers on ARC and Noctus and the cramped nature of the mode) so people can buy more…