Warzone Needs Attention

Warzone needs some attention.

There are two major issues (sure there are plenty of others two):

  1. Runaway leader
  2. “Stalemate”

There are a few problems with the mode but the main gripe I have with it is how the middle point is so hard to re-capture. It would be much more enjoyable/chaotic/balanced if points could change hands more easily. It’s all to easy for one defender to just camp out (and prevent the point from being capped) until other players spawn in and quickly overwhelm what is left of the attacking force. Seems like it is just too easy to defend points once they are capped - especially the middle point.

Also, someone brought this up in an earlier thread about warzone. Bosses are too hard to kill. The thing about the AI bosses is that they are supposed to be a chance for the team who is down on points to possibly catch up. Half the time people just ignore bosses these days and furthermore they just do not seem to have all that much impact on scoring the way they used to. I actually really like the AI boss component of Warzone but in its current state it’s a sideshow at best.

So my suggestions are:
Change the spawning rules for points. If a point is contested you cannot spawn on it.
Make AI bosses easier to kill in Warzone

How about this.

Bosses need to be hard of course more people are there to fight them. But because of this, nobody want to fight them or share the glory of the points…

but for your base problem: It would be fine to determin a capture rate by how many players are defending(also a.i) If there are 2 attatcker and 1 defender, the base will start to get captured. If there are more defender, than nothing happens/ the attac status gets reduced.If it is equal nothing happens.

but warzone is something i wont touch these days, too many paid weapons.
Arena has to many salty, pro players. So if anybody searchs me, i am in pvc :wink:

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> Arena has to many salty, pro players. So if anybody searchs me, i am in pvc :wink:

I did search for you once, but the search results returned with No Player Found.

On topic, I feel like WarZone just needs to be shorter. They should cut the points required to win in half or at least trim it by 25%. This would fix a lot of problems and make some of the harder-to-fix problems less noticeable.