Warzone micro-freezes make it insufferable

I’ve been playing the game from it’s launch and never had a problem, but from last patch, I’m getting micro-freezes in most of the warzone matches. Arena modes are free of this problem, but in Warzone I’m getting this trouble in the 90% of the matches. Sometimes I get a freeze, sometimes 3-4, and sometimes a freeze every 30 seconds… ._.

Please, patch this… It’s near to unplayable. The freezes are between a half and an entire second, enough time to have been killed in that while…

same thing happens to me sometimes, pretty annoying.

It happens with me every couple of matches! It’s really annoying

I notice it a few times in every warzone game I play.

Same here, it appears to be getting longer Freeze’s now too, its really annoying

Man why are there so many issues!? I have never experienced so much problems in a Halo game before.

Check it out, it only seems to happen in warzone as it is the mongoose (maybe other vehicles) that is causing the issue. Trust me, throw a nade at a mongoose, blow it up or splatter someone in it - the game will freeze for 1-2 seconds. Or if you ever encounter a freeze, look to see if a mongoose blew up near you etc. Discovered this a few days ago.