Warzone matchmaking

343i, if you could not put me in an ongoing match, on a team that is beyond saving, that would great. Look, i don’t mind losing at all, i don’t even mind losing when it is a massive loss, if i was there from the start and we were just outplayed from start to finish, but i shouldn’t have to suffer a loss i had no control over because one person couldn’t handle getting wrecked and decided to quit, leaving the team to be overpowered for however long it took for me to replace him or her. If i was there earlier, maybe i could have made a difference for the fight for the middle base capture, but nope, i’ve been put in a match with the other team already in control of the middle base or with over a hundred point lead more than once, and that’s just straight up unfair. Either only put me in a game at the very start, or at the very least when it’s still early, middle isn’t captured and the scores are close or don’t match me at all.

I know that’s unfair for the team who had someone quit on them, but there are other ways you can solve that.

I’ve won several games that seemed impossible to win (300 points behind the enemy) but I get where you’re coming from. It can be frustrating: especially when you’ve only got a level 3 or 4 REQ and everyone already has level 9 REQs and are breaking out the Ultra Rare ONI Mantises or the Longshot BR with Bayonets and you’re sat there with an barebones variant of your AR.

yaeh. It´ll be good this improve.

It’s a casual play list. There’s no rank at stake, there’s nothing at stake at all. Just run and gun. If you have some compelling need to sweat stuff then that’s why we have arena.