Warzone: March on Stormbreak - Out of map spawn

I don’t know if I’m the only one who have noticed that in this particular map there is a spawn-point issue.
I have spawned (several times and in several sessions) outside of the map so I end up falling into the abyss and die.
This counts as a suicide and after a couple of this events happening during gameplay you get kicked off the match due to your repeated suicides.
Please FIX this thing. Thanks

In MoSB, I once spawned IN the place where the vehicles come out in the home base with another guy, and he went to the end of the room and jumped, I followed him and fell for a very long time until I finally died and re spawned normally. Weird, right?

I’ve played that map lots of times and have never experienced that. Under what conditions is it happening (eg which base)?

It has happened on both sides of map, in either Blue base and Red Base (however it happens more on Blue base)
I have spawned right below in front of the Man Cannon to the right and some other places just outside the wall which avoids you from falling down.
At that point you can’t go up as you slide down hopelessly to your death.