Warzone Maps in BTB And Better Forge Architecture!

Warzone maps should be playable in big team battle on regular BTB game modes but with more people. It would obviously have no AI enemies in regular Warzone but maybe it can have more people, possibly 16vs16, that would be amazing. BTB has no 343 designed original maps, it is all Forge maps, most of them I like but really, Forge maps just look dull! Well the maps geography/templates in forge is great, it’s just the buildings look so bland and pathetic, they need to update it so the buildings look more detailed with multi colors etc so it looks more real.

Please do this 343! The game would get a lot more attention if you did something like this and you will make more money.

I have not played Arena much yet so I can’t accurately judge the maps but I did play the new one, not the best but not bad I rate it 7/10, they need more original and better designed maps! Most of the Arena maps I think would be 7/10.


Also another amazing feature would be if they had a new playlist for Arena called ThrowBack playlist which only includes re-made Halo maps while they will still have new Halo 5 maps in 1 playlist. Dividing these 2 into groups would be great, it would also be amazing if they remade a lot of previous maps from Halo games and put it into this playlist.

Still, this will require 343 to do too much work and they are only releasing 1 new map a month which is pathetic. They need to do something like this, even if some of it may be paid DLC, I really want more content for this game! PLEASE MAKE IT 343

Yeah! I agree with you bro… (Especially a better forge architecture and a more intuitive menu/controls for Forge)…

And there needs to be more map variety 343 has some -Yoink!- compulsion to make maps that take place in some sort of facility, there are like 3 maps now including the damn new map that are a facility style theme, it is really annoying, GET SOME VARIETY 343.