Warzone map Stormbreak repeats way too often

I’ve been playing a lot of Warzone the past few days and although there are very few maps I still enjoy it, but my one complaint is that March on Stormbreak repeats way too much. Yesterday I got stuck playing it four times in a row and just now I had to leave a game because there was just no way I was going to play it three times in a row. Whatever system 343 has in place for map selection, it needs some serious massaging.

That is the problem with locked rotation maps/playlists, with such a low number to have a pool from, you can get the same map two times in a row and more. A solution (although far from perfect) is exit out of the game intermission and wait a couple of minutes, then re-join the matchmaking process. Sometimes you’ll get a proper rotation of all the maps, sometimes (like it has happened to you today, and me personally yesterday) you’ll get the same map.

I’d be more worried about your (hopefully) upcoming ban than map rotation. 5 DNFs in 10 games of Warzone? You never HAVE to quit out of a game, you choose to.