Warzone Map Rotation?

Hello! My name is DIBK, and I am thoroughly enjoying my Halo 5 experience! WITH THAT BEING SAID, I have a complaint about your new Warzone gamemode. I seem to be playing March on Stormbreak, (My personal least favorite of the Warzone maps, with a lack of flanking routes and Fortress being impossible to switch who owns it once it’s originally captured and just being very very easy to spawn trap once you capture all three bases, more so than any other map in my personal opinion). Now I’m not sure if this is a hiccup in the system of rotation or what but I just am not playing the other two maps as much as I am playing this map. I wish there to be a change in the rotation or another look taken at it as it’s one of my favorite things to play and as of right now, really the only good choice to choose to play on Halo 5 with my large group of friends. Please 343, take a look into this and if anyone else in the Halo community is experiencing this, please let me know as I feel as though I might be the only one. Thank you!