Warzone Loadout Idea for Halo 6

Having to go a req station in the middle of the game just to change up the BR is in my opinion is stupid. Having to constantly change your Weapons when the DMR finally unlocks for use or when you need a kinetic SMG is dumb. 343 should implement a Simple Pre-made Loadouts that you can customize. Not exactly like Halo 4 loadouts but can be simple. Also for more customization options, I believe the Suppressor, Boltshot, Storm Rifle, Plasma Pistol, and Carbine should be added for the Loadout system simply because they are essentially Primary Weapons if you think about it.

Primary Weapon (AR, BR, SMG, DMR, Storm Rifle, Suppressor, Carbine) with their various Weapon Mods
Secondary Weapon (Magnum, Plasma Pistol, Boltshot)
Grenade: Frag, Sticky Grenade, Splinter Grenade (or what-ever the next Promethean Grenade is)
Armor Mods: Grenade Expert (1 Extra Grenade) Advanced Sensors, Auto-Medic, Upgraded Shields, Reflex Enhancers, Upgraded Thrusters, Speed Booster, Increased Strength

In terms of REQ Levels, I believe that they should not be used for Loadouts as you want to use your various loadouts throughout the game and not have to wait until the end of the game to use the loadout you need. But, if they were to use REQ levels for Loadout items, I believe they should average out the REQ levels of the items in the loadout to determine the Loadout’s REQ Level.

For Example: Based off of Current REQ Levels
Primary Weapon: Sentinel BR w/Kinetic Damage (REQ Level 4)
Secondary Weapon: Boltshot (REQ Level 1)
Grenade: Sticky Grenade (Currently: Plasma Grenade Expert which is REQ Level 5)
Armor Mod: Improved Thrusters (REQ Level 5)
Average REQ Level: 3.75 or REQ Level 4

I think because Warzone is not meant to be balanced, the Loadouts should fit right in in my opinion.

Do you think they should implement Loadouts for Warzone in Halo 6? I think so

It’s not too late to implement something like this in H5. We both know it won’t happen, but it could happen…

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> It’s not too late to implement something like this in H5. We both know it won’t happen, but it could happen…

Exactly !

Or you can say “For Halo 6 story” but halo 5 can change in this years (in next month ^^)

I had a thought similar to this but just for halo 5. Have the loadout weapons and armor mods automatically level up. Having to scroll through them late game blows, it would be cool to set up something where: when im req 3 i get a certain pre set up loadout req set, lvl 4 it upgrades to another set and so on. Having to scroll through 10 brs and 3 smgs and all my armor mods at req 5 tends to take too long to select mid-game and has cost me and my team a base on more than one occasion. Doesnt seem like it would be too much to ask. Because some of the other updates so far have had some drastic changes to gameplay.

I think it is an amazing idea, but they would either have to nerf the current non-loadout weapons or buff the current loadout weapons cause when you think about it, the current non-loadout weapons are op compared to the loadout weapons as of now. I mean, a plasma pistol would probably be req level 1 or 2, and it could simply EMP a req level 6 tank and then destroy it by hijacking. And for another example, the covenant carbine has a faster rate of fire than the DMR, which is clearly unfair. Yet another example is the light rifle. Essentially the forerunner DMR, it can 3 shot headshot someone which is clearly OP. What you said about warzone not supposed to be balanced, I agree with, but there is a line between a chaotic, fun unbalanced-ness and a straight up OP, completley unfair system. And if they made all the similar classes unlockable at the same time (for instance the AR and Magnum are initial starts, meaning a storm rifle/suppresor/plasma pistol/boltshot would be initial starts too) then the currently underpowered UNSC weapons would be underused compared to the better covenant and forerunner weapons. Just my opinion. Perhaps, make the weapons all loadout weapons, but have higher reqs for each tier?

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> > 2533274805082927;2:
> > It’s not too late to implement something like this in H5. We both know it won’t happen, but it could happen…
> Exactly !

It won’t happen, but it could!