Warzone Lead Changes

Are lead changes in Warzone extinct? It seems like every game is decided very early. A very predictable pattern has emerged. One team captures 2 bases, gets a 100 point lead, starts the req snowball, and 20 minutes later it’s 1000-500. 343 has tried everything from limiting fireteams, changing bosses, and bringing reqs into play earlier, but 1000-850ish games are super rare. Almost every game is decided in the first few minutes realistically. Am I just burnt out or has warzone became “slaughter or get slaughtered”?

Yeah it has pretty much always been that way for me as well. I have experienced a few games that stayed close and had multiple lead changes but they seem really rare. As you said it’s usually the first team to get 100ish point lead that wins and often dominates.
EDIT: I’m not sure what can be done to counter the snowball effect. Re-balancing REQs will probably help (though I hope they have separate REQ level requirements in WZFF playslist) but we’ll have to see. I’d like to see some more MOBA elements added like being able to cap an area for REQ energy boosts or something along those lines. I’m sure something like that could also go the other way and add to the snowball, so yeah idk what can be done.

Its all strategy and the fireteams you go against with

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> Its all strategy and the fireteams you go against with

That’s true in the first 5-7 minutes. Of course with a team of 6 you are probably going to be the winner of the 1000-500 match, but my point still stands. There aren’t many contested matches in warzone. One team runs away with it most of the time. I’m not complaining about losing, I’ve won some and lost some. What I enjoy is a battle to the finish and warzone rarely provides that. The question is why, and how do we get matches to be close up to the end? It’s not about game length either because a 1000-500 match can last 20 minutes, even though both sides have known for the last 10 minutes of that match who the eventual winner will be. My opinion is that we need to slow down the req timer and make bosses critical to winning again. Speeding up reqs and minimizing bosses leads to 20 minute beat downs in my opinion.

The lead changes matches I had was like 4 in 10, I believe, but it was the most fun matches.

Maybe it’s in the inevitable population decrease. But with the coming REQ changes there MIGHT be a little more balance.