Warzone Kicks me out?

Last night I was trying to play Warzone matches. The first one I was able to play about 3-4 minutes of the match when I got kicked out for no reason to a screen where I cannot quit back to any other menu, even thought that option appears. The second match I was only in the game for about a minute and a half when the same thing happen. So I didn’t play any more last night.

Today, I played some Arena matches with no issues what so ever, so I thought I could play Warzone. I got in and around the 3 minute mark I was booted and the same screen appeared again.

As far as I know I have not done anything to warrant being kicked, and I’m trying to play this game to get better and also get REQ points for REQ packs.

Read all the other posts, banhammer, lag, server problems, etc. Its being called different things but it relates to the same thing happening… 343 server problems. You probably have got DNF’s for it also. Not your fault.