Warzone Issues + Lag?

So I’m playing warzone, and I notice that I’m lagging…Now don’t give me any “you’re just salty” or that cause I kept seeing players rubber-band.
It wasn’t much of an issue at first…died a couple times I shouldn’t have…
Then…I use a Speed Boost 2. The REQ is gone. it didn’t activate.
This annoyed me. Any tips on this?
Warzone needs balancing.
I died when my core was at 90%.
In 5 seconds, all my team decided to try cap the spire as 10 enemies were in the base. The core went from 90% to 0% in a couple seconds.
Raid on Apex 7 is unbalanced
If you are on red team you have a major disadvantage.
Red team’s main / closest armory is West armory.
East armory (right next to blue) is right next to where Tankmaster Rok and Captain Hestero spawn. Blue team can also more easily get vehcles there too.
Even when Red have the Spire, they still can’t get vehicles there quicker. And Yes, Warden does spawn slightly closer to West Armory, but normally at that point Blue or Red will have a strong hold on the Spire.
I am aware I have nit-picked in this forum post. These are just some of my genuine opinions.