Warzone is Stale Now

So in a simple take I not we (maybe we maybe not we) would like to see some new Warzone Maps.

Nice idea but it won’t happen.

> unfortunately there is nobody actively working on Halo 5 right now…
> …and the rest of the building is fully focused on Halo Infinite @ske7ch343

New maps would of been nice, or even community made ones like they did for other playlists. I stopped playing WZ anyways for the most part after the latest WZ update.

WZ/FF has been stale for a long time now. Too bad we’ll never get new maps.

Warzone has always been boring for me the new maps that did show up only lasted for a few times before it got boring too

To me it’s not even the maps per say the maps we have are great, sure new ones would be great but what would be better is more random and smarter AI. The bosses and what not are way to predictable and can be totally ignored if a team chooses too and the boss pretty much will just stand there untill Spartans get close to it. But if we had bosses and AI that traveaed the map and seemed out Spartans and would capture the armories/garages/fortresses… That would be awesome. Make them spawn at different times and locations. Right now I can camp locations and splatter bosses right as they spawn.

Would new maps REALLY make it better though?

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> Would new maps REALLY make it better though?


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> > Would new maps REALLY make it better though?
> Nah

Only for a short time until all the AI and boss spawns are learned then they will play as stale as the others … Smarter and more random AI spawns are what warzone really needs.