Warzone is repetitive

I’ve played 200+ games in warzone
I know where all the bosses spawn
on every map
at any time
I would like to see more bosses with a random spawn.
What if the warden spawned first? Of course you wouldn’t have powerful enough weapons to fight him so the game would change and people would be trying to get their recs up very quickly to bring him down. Also if they did this they should remove saying which faction covenant or promethean is coming. I also think they should do away with some bosses and just make it foot soldiers. Grunts, jackals etc. how fun would it be to just see a drop ship randomly fly in and all of a sudden the teams are competing to rekt grunts while fighting each other.
When I first saw warzone I thought there would be a.i. running around the maps while you were fighting the other team. I was kinda disappointed in how it turned out… also maybe make it so ais could reset bases to neutral? have a crap ton of crawlers spawn on your base and you’re blasting them away while the other team caps spire on apex 7 but then once you’re done a dropship full of elite zealots drops at their armoury and they have to leave the spire to deal with that to keep it balanced.

What are your thoughts are the warzone a.i.s the way you envisioned? How could they be improved?

Also while i’m here might as well post that I think the assists on bosses should be more achievable? Can’t count how many times I’ve been unloading a saw into a one shot warden and my team gets it but I don’t get any sort of legendary takedown medal which is a bummer.

It does need to be more randomized.

War zone is what you make it! I see why I am on one good team and then one bad team! Lol

I want more a more chaotic game from war zone. Its to structured. The game mode is now habitual. On A.R.C. I just kill crawlers, grab suppressor, shoot soldiers, take man cannon, kill general, clear armory, sit on rock arch shooting guys running to it. Then Depending on my performance I will push the other armory or go for bosses. I want a random and crazy game mode. Being unprepared for a giant covenant invasion on the center base or simultaneous promethian invasions of the home bases so the players have to retreat or risk their core getting destroyed by the AI.