warzone is growing on me

I was very skeptical at first, but the more I learn about req cards; the more I get excited and intrigued.

I think it will be dope playing with different exclusive weapon variants, and this is comming from an arena/ btb guy that could not get into destiny.

I just wanted to share my hype!

One of us. One of us. Gooble gobble gooble gobble.

Excuse me, they are called REKT cards.

I’m with you Spartan, and it’s the only way I’m going to get my brother-in-law to play he doesn’t do 4v4.

> 2533274845768970;3:
> Excuse me, they are called REKT cards.

Eh not true

I’m feeling the same. I was always moderately excited for Warzone, but seeing more videos of how it functions in an actual game plus a stronger explanation of how REQ cards function has me stoked.

Good to hear it :slight_smile: