Warzone-Great idea spoiled

I have played Halo for years and Warzone is a refreshing experience however I feel its spoiled by the biased teams in it. Let me explain you will either win or loose 9/10 times by a HUGE margin. Now this is bound to happen from time to time but every game and it becomes tiresome. I was wondering if other players have experienced this issue and if anything is being done to resolve it.

One of the main reasons lots of games turn out like that: Vehicles. One team gets REQ levels super fast and starts bringing out ALL da vehicles. Next thing you know, there’s ghosts and wasps everywhere. Then it snowballs from there. And if you’re unfortunate enough to be on the opposing team of that blitzkrieg, well… work on padding your individual stats because that’s about all you’re gonna have going for you at that point.

While that can happen on every level, I think there’s one Warzone map that may be in need of a redesign. That’s Escape From Ark. Of all the Warzone maps, this is the one map where almost every game I’ve played on it turns into a lopsided victory or loss. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I played a relatively close game on it. Due to the placement of the armories (side by side), you have the opportunity to triple cap extremely fast right at the start of the game. And then what follows is (usually) nothing short of a massacre.