Warzone gametype weighting

So it’s great that WZ:A and WZ:T are part of the rotation at a “lower frequency”, but maybe they should lower the frequency of those 2 playlists coming up a bit more.

Since the change, I’ve had 14 games of warzone: 3 regular, 4 WZ:A, and 7 WZ:T.

Not a huge fan of WZ:A, and I find that there’s more griefing in WZ:T. Last night, for instance, start of the game, get in an ONI mantis, and one of my “teammates” gets in a phaeton and continuously thrusts into me, not letting me get anywhere, and takes out my shields, damages my mantis through vehicle collisions for about 5 mins.

Much prefer regular warzone.

I would’ve thought WZT and WZA to be less than normal WZ - you must be having some strange luck.