warzone fix

So far I love this game but warzone needs some changes. First the 150 vp bosses are generally the easiest to kill. Killing a 25 vp hunter shouldn’t be harder than killing a 150 vp banshee. Also the points you receive need to be based on the damage your team deals to the target. It’s so frustrating to be unloading on a boss just to see a spartan laser hit it last minute and take all the points. Also the maps need more variety. All the maps basically consist of whoever takes the “b” location wins. All in all I love the Playlist I’ve played one 100 games and I’m still enjoying it. I would just like some subtle changes and I think people would enjoy it more.

The legendary takedowns are really easy to steal, but that’s a matter of teamwork, something I think a large part of the player base just isn’t accustomed to yet. I make it a point to focus on killing the opposing team while my teammates take on the AI, until we have it to ourselves for a bit. Taking out enemies with power weapons is important in keeping those points for your team.


I agree but one little change I’d make to what you said. I think base holding should be more valuable, I have been in matches and held 2 bases 90% of the time and all 3 for good amounts of time but still lost because they killed 2/3 of the legendary bosses.

I would still like to try removing the health bars from the bosses. Its still last hit gets the points but it stops players from waiting in a hidden location with a power weapon while the other team does all the work and then firing a single shot to get the kill (I have unfortunately started using this tactic myself to great success ). Besides where else in Halo do you see health bars above enemies? Leave that stuff to destiny.