Warzone firefight

After getting two kill promeathean missions in warzone firefight, I thought of ways to keep it fresher and not repetitive. The first idea is a “capture the base” mission. It would be defended by a higher amount of covenant or promeatheans then usulally seen in packs. It would take maybe three times or maybe four longer than usual to capture. There could also be basic bosses such as hunters or zealots or months and soldier captains. This would be a round one or two. Another one is the “Mdama’s hand”. It is a large group of elite generals that all have very strong (infinite) active camo. They could also have ultra ghosts, added onto camo elites and serpent hunters to make this a round three fight. The final would be a covenant fleet that onsite of many vehicles such as 10x banshees, 10x wraiths, and 15 ghosts split into teams of three, all of these vehicle groups having bosses such as a platoon captain along with serpent or elder hunters. This would be round five. There could also be an “attack the core” mission where instead of defending the core, there is a promeathean or covenant core that would be heavily defended and in a base. It could be a round three mission.

I know I already did a thread on this but I wanted this to have new ideas

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> I know I already did a thread on this but I wanted this to have new ideas

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