warzone firefight

Did you actually test the different waves in firefight 343???
Most of them are literally impossible if your team doesnt have 4 tanks for example the grunt goblins take 3-4 minutes to kill with tanks
Killing bosses doesnt need skill it just takes very much time
Second problem: too many enemies with too much health and damage
It isnt fun to fight 20 soldiers with light rifle at the same they are too strong
Either you make them have less health and damage or you let spawn less of them
Last problem: The halo 5 ai sucks
They recognize you in 100m distance and immediately shoot at you
once you left your cover you already lost your shield
Idc if this is realistic or not its -Yoinking!- annoying and just not fun
Also please delete the autoaim on the boltshot and suppressor
Crawlers and soldiers never miss you with those weapons no matter what you do
Either you change these things or you just make a reach firefight mode

Yep, I feel the same way about most everything you said.