Warzone Firefight - What do you expect?

As most of you will have noticed, Firefight is finally coming to Halo 5!

I don’t know why but I rather fight AI than other Spartans/players. Don’t get me wrong I love Arena but the idea of fighting the Covenant and Prometheans together with your fireteam makes me excited.

I think it would be great if you could choose your own loadout of UNSC weapons like in Halo 4. Without requisition levels so you can start right away with your favourite weapon.
It’s okay to require a certain level in Warzone to use a certain weapon but in Firefight it should be possible to start with a BR for example.
Rocket Launchers, Hydras and so on could remain special weapons. But Shotguns an Sniper rifles should be available from the beginning. I mean there’s often a Sniper in a fireteam, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

What are your desires for Warzone Firefight? Do you agree with mine or should it remain the way it is in classic Warzone?

By the way English is not my mother tongue. If you find any language mistakes tell me so I can improve my language skills!

I just hope for new maps, and that it is actually challenging


Hopefully they also have weapon caches too so you don’t have to use those REQ cards like we could in dominion with Halo 4. I kinda wish they would do that with regular warzone too, but that is just a pipe dream.

While its far fetched I would like a system were you can only use the reqs you have a cert for but you don’t actually use the card to spawn it in but you only get a certain about per game so like instead of using 1 of the 30 carbine cards you have you’ll have a set pool of 10 carbines because its unlocked or just one spnkr prime to use for the whole game stuff like that

I bet it will be 9 waves of enemies, each harder than the last. Each wave you pass gets you 1 REQ level.

would be nice to see it be survival based with each player getting a set of a lives and when you run out it be game over for you

As much excited as I am for it, it will probably be a boring, repetitive game as regular warzone is in what concerns to boss spawning and enemies too. 343 has proved me lots of times of its incompetence to think out of the box, wont expect anything like godly halo 3 odst’s firefight unfortunately and what made it truly great.

I expect myself, at least 1 other person, and some hostile AI. Anything more than that are just things I would hope.

I’m hoping for the ability to choose to go in with just your Fireteam, instead of relying on matchmaking with randoms every time.

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> I’m hoping for the ability to choose to go in with just your Fireteam, instead of relying on matchmaking with randoms every time.

If you have enough people in your fireteam, I think that’s a given.

I hope there’s custom game options. I want my manly firefight variant from Reach to return.

Both matchmaking and custom games.

In depth customization of wave specifics.

Choosing your own map.

Choosing which bosses to spawn.

Being able to use reqs.

Hard enemies.

I’m hoping to see two versions of firefight:

One where we are UNSC fending off waves of enemies and
Another where we are Elites trying to capture a UNSC stronghold, sort of like warzone assault, but with AI defenders and even a couple of Spartan AIs. Though with warzone being a simulation and all, I’m not sure how that one would work. Anyone else think that this is a good idea?

H3 Spike Grenade and Flame Grenade :thinking:.

i hope they have fun gametypes like rocketfight or fiestafight from reach, but i doubt this will happen

Since it looks like they’re using regular Warzone maps, I believe this mode will play with your team spawning in one home base and fighting its way up to the farther home base. You will have to capture each base in the way, fighting bosses in between and the game will end once you destroy the enemy core.

I hope they have an AI Spartan mongoose squad boss wave led by Palmer. That counts towards mongoose destroyer commendations.

I think, since it is called Warzone Firefight, it’s going to be more Warzone than Firefight. I expect it to use currently existing Warzone maps. I envision it will utilize matchmaking and not allow solo/offline play. I think it will still use the existing Warzone REQ system. Since it will likely be a matchmade game, I think it will have a match timer or a point limit. I don’t know if 343i will try to put objectives into the gametype, or if it will just be “kill everything” like original Firefight. Hopefully, they’ll include some of of difficulty progression.

Brutes, Flood, Scarabs!!! Oh, wait, OP said expect, so…grinding via what Grahamatica and Narcejeiro said. If it’s the former, I’ll be back to H5 quicker than a grunt-versus -Warden showdown.

Here’s what I expect:

  • Full customization like in Reach, including our own customizable skulls. - The ability to play solo/local and to play in a custom setting outside of matchmaking. - Firefight voices. Classic voices like Master Chief, Cortana, and Johnson, but also some new ones like the new cast of characters we have. Maybe even get some of the voices from Red vs Blue. - Grunt bonus rounds. - A classic Firefight option. Since I feel Warzone Firefight is basically going to be an A.I. only Warzone match, I hope they add a variation of it that play more like regular Firefight. - Bring back old enemies like Brutes, Drones, the Flood, and Sentinels. Maybe even have boss waves based on those enemy types. Brutes wpuld get Tartarus, Flood would get some kind of weird Flood tank or whatever, and Sentinels and get a beefed up version of 343 Guilty Spark accompanied by Enforcers. - Jeff Steizer as the announcer. Palmer’s voice is incredibly annoying to listen for any amount of time, so having Jeff as the announcer would be better, or at least give us custom announcers like Master Chief, Cortana, Locke, Buck, etc. - The ability to revive each other like in campaign. But also the option to turn it off for the more hardcore Firefight enthusiasts. - Power weapon drops like in ODST, where each map had its own set of power weapons that spawned on the map after each round. Unlike in Reach where it was a random set of weapons dropping in different spots each time. - Theater support.