Warzone Firefight Trailer Idea

Starts at 0:00
Buck: “I’ve fought the good firefight, seen the worst of these alien -Yoink-.”
Shows screenshot of HALO 3: ODST Firefight on ONI alpha site
Carter: “During Reach’s fall, we’ve defended many important sites and kept generators running hoping the power would keep the UNSC going…”
Shows screenshot of HALO: REACH Generator Defense on ONI sword base
Both: "Here we are; ready to jump into hell…"Shows two Spartans in Helljumper and Noble armor
The Spartan team jumps up, charging their groundpound. “The Trials” starts playing
Carter: “Troopers! All of the lonewolf stuff, stays behind!”
The 24 Spartans ground pound into the pit of Covenant and Prometheans
Ends at 3:43?

This was just an idea, so feel free to type up your own Warzone Firefight OR Infection trailer idea here!

I think I got some quotes wrong after re-reading :stuck_out_tongue:

This ain’t a poll.

This seems petty awesome and clever

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> This ain’t a poll.

Oh crap, you’re right! I meant to put this in community creations :expressionless:

might be an awesome idea.

Maybe. Depends on how it’s done

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> Maybe. Depends on how it’s done

True, it could also be as humorous as the pre-HALO 5 trailers like the 60-Bucks ad. They made me crack up xD

This sounds like it could be pretty cool. I was also thinking that since you reference certain aspects of the past games, maybe to illustrate your idea from a visual standpoint you could grab footage from what you describe and make a rough “spec-trailer” of your idea. Would be very cool to see!