Below is a list of some changes I thought should come to WF. I didn’t post it in the feedback because I knew 343 would never read it. Maybe they will here.

  1. Don’t make the remaining AI die after you complete an objective.
  2. Add 5 waves of enemies per base (2 core, 2 armories, 1 garage) with the final waves of each round being the objective wave.
  3. More vehicle bosses
  4. (optional) Add the occasional friendly AI (marines or elites)
  5. Give us the option to play solo or with a select amount of friends up to 8
  6. Give us bonus rounds where AI’s spawn all over the map (this will prevent us from camping one spot or getting board)
  7. Add the revive option from the campaign.
  8. Drones (although they were annoying and I know you won’t bring them back, I still had to mention them.)
  9. When your defending a base, AI’s should just appear inside the base. That’s not hard… it’s annoying!
  10. How about change the name of the mode because this is not firefight.
  11. If this game mode affects your K/D, it shouldn’t. IDK if it does though.

P.S. On my point #2, I think that only the 5th/objective/boss waves should have a timer; and a player will have a specified number of lives per round. The lives will reset after each round, if you make it.

I think reviving would also be a great option to have in customs, it could add a bunch of options.

WF is too easy as it is. I know it’s in Beta. That’s why I’m making suggestions. Firefight is supposed to last for a LONG time. WF ends in about 15 min even with a sucky team. I also didn’t have to call in any reqs, and I still got in the top tier. It’s too easy, annoying at time, not satisfying, and short. BTW I won’t use reqs on AI’s. I think that is a whole new level of stupid.

How about endless waves instead of 5 per base…