Warzone Firefight KDA skewed

How can I wreck ‘Skirmish at Darkstar’ in Warzone Firefight by posting a first place score, 57 kills, 9 assists, 5 deaths, and an accuracy of 50 percent, and get a NEGATIVE 2.0 KDA? Am I punished for closing out kills and not getting more assists? My damage dealt is low, only 3,400, maybe that? Without me we arguably don’t win, so -2.0 kda feels like a bad metric derived from a skewed formula. Shed some light anyone? Thanks for the mic. Ps, I just realized the whole squad 8 deep is negative, but we win the Firefight everyone 40 plus kills, 50 percent acuracy. Are deaths just really HEAVY weight in Warzone Firefight?

I was confused by this for a while, but I think I’ve figured it out. Only spartan kills matter and since you aren’t killing any the formula is still (K + A/3) - D, but K always = 0. So next time just look at assists and deaths. Not sure why they do it that way, but oh well.

I wish they just straight up displayed K/D ratio. Thats the only measure I really care about. Though, its on anyone’s Halowaypoint profile, so theres that :slight_smile: