Warzone Firefight Improvement Suggestions

First off, I find Warzone Firefight super fun to play. But of course there’s some frustrating elements and some simple, intuitive (IMO) changes could fix them. This of course assumes the devs read forum threads and give a ghoram about the community and improving their game…which hasn’t been my experience in the past =(

So here’s a short list of some simple changes that would improve the experience without upsetting any balances (once again, IMO). I tried to order them from “this is really important to fix” to “this would be nice”.

1. The score system seems totally unbalanced.
This is my biggest gripe (being at the top). You could have done 95% of the damage to a boss, but unless you damaged him in the last 6 or so seconds you get no credit for the kill? Yet any bloke lucky enough to land a single round in the last 6 seconds gets full credit for the kill? The solution seems simple and intuitive. Each boss is worth so many points. Whatever % damage you’ve done to the boss (since the last time it was at full health/shields since sometimes those regenerate and any damage done before that point is…well pointless) is the % of score you get. For example a is boss worth 1000 points, you did 10% of the damage necessary to kill him, you get 100 points.
This seems far more balanced, and really easy to implement (I’m not a code monkey but the game does already track exactly how much damage you’ve dealt. A boss has 500 health/shields, you get .2% for every damage you deal to him). In theory using this system for every kill would make the scoring system even more balanced, but just the bosses would be great. Most people would prolly like a bonus for whoever lands the kill blow, personally I don’t care.

2. Just spawn us with full ammo
So like 85% of the time I spawn 10 steps away from a req station and I take the 5 seconds to walk to it to fill my ammo.
5% of the time I spawn so close to the req station that I do spawn with full ammo.
5% of the time there’s so little time left in the round I can’t afford the 5 second delay.
5% of the time I spawn significantly farther from a req station and I may or may not bother running to one depending on the circumstances.
We’ve already sat through an extended spawn time, adding an additional 5 second delay before we can get back in the action doesn’t do anything to improve the game.

3. The DMR should be req lvl 5
By the time you’ve unlocked the DMR you also unlocked a ghoram tank, which one you gonna take? You get a new weapon type ant req level 3, and another at level 4, it just makes sense to get one at 5. This may upset the balance in other Warzone types but before you gripe about that this is for Firefight (may be harder for the code monkeys to implement changes just to Firefight)

4. Let us change our load out so we can start the game with any level 1 req weapon we’ve unlocked.
Being at the bottom this ain’t a big deal to me, but it just makes sense. Personally the difference between the level 1 weapons seems so little I usually don’t bother taking the 10 seconds to change it before getting in the action. But we’re entitled to req level 1 weapons, why can’t we choose which one we spawn with the first time we spawn? We get to for every other spawn, it’s kinda the definition of the requisition system.

So lemme know what you guys think =)

I stuck this in the support thread cause implementing them would take some kinda program changes, if the mods don’t like it ere i guess they can move it.

Hey OP, while this is great feedback for 343 it’s not really a support issue. Feel free to repost your feedback in the Warzone Firefight feedback topic :slight_smile:

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