Warzone Firefight Forge and Maps?

Hey 343i or anyone who will respond to this,

Are all Warzone maps going to be in Warzone Firefight?

Also, will a forge variant be added for forging for firefight? I don’t know if 343i has thought of this or will even see this (sorry for repeating myself), but I think it would be really cool if there was a forge type for firefight for either Warzone or Arena maps. 343i would also have to add Warzone maps to Forge in order for this to work (stating the obvious here), but I don’t know if they will allow that. Doing a custom game on a Warzone map would be INSANE, but to allow that I assume would be problematic (they probably want to keep Warzone maps strictly in matchmaking).

Just some thoughts, hopefully some people will see this and reply!

I would THINK they would be, there’s only…four, five maps?
I doubt we’re getting any kind of warzone forging sadly, as much as I would love to forge on one of those giant maps.