Warzone Firefight Feedback/Suggestion Thread

Now that we’ve had a bit more info given to us on Warzone Firefight, I feel like it’s a good idea to get some discussion and suggestions going on. Here’s what we know based off of this article posted on Xbox Wire:

  • 8 Players - 5 Rounds - Dynamic objectives “making each game different, you can play thousands of matches before seeing the same objective combination.” - “Mythic” enemies - Most enemies we’ve seen on screen in any Halo title - Access to your REQ InventoryNow here are some of my feedback and suggestions. This is obviously me giving feedback with only seeing a tidbit of gameplay. For all I know some of this could be in at launch:

  • Establishing a base. The best way to explain this is to use Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare as an example. In its’ “horde mode” you spawn in on the map and have the choice to capture 1 of 3 or 4 bases that are scattered throughout the map. Once you capture that base that’s is your home base for the remainder of the game. Imagine dropping in via drop pods or pelican, clear out the core room and choosing to capture either armory or garage on ARC. It could affect how and where enemies spawn, where objectives take place, etc. This can be seen as “Round 1”. - Make it a true survival experience. One downfall from Reach’s firefight is the infinite ammo cache located in your spawn. In ODST you only had limited SMG and Pistol Ammo, along with grenades. Going back to something similar to the latter could help. Maybe giving the player info on their HUD saying they are limited to one Primary Weapon refill per round. And just so they don’t run by the REQ station and have it automatically fill up, make it something they have to access via the REQ menu. Another thing that ruined Reach’s Firefight was infinite lives. You weren’t punished for being careless. At the beginning each player should have at the most 3 rounds. I feel like there are too many people for a shared lives to work well. Either at the end of every round or at X amount of points players get rewarded an extra life. - New way to approach buying REQs. Instead of using the normal Warzone way of buying REQs in game with REQ energy and redeeming a card you have in your collection, perhaps a different way can work. The only thing that would affect if you can redeem a weapon, vehicle, etc is if you have the certification for it. Not if you have any cards available in your collection. So if you don’t have a Nornfang in your collection but you have the certification for it you can still buy it for 7 REQ energy, but to avoid abuse it becomes more and more expensive as it goes on, and once you use up the level 9 “version” you can no longer redeem it that game. Or you could have REQ energy continue to go up past 9 but the cards still become more expensive as you redeem them. TL;DR Warzone FF wouldn’t affect your PvP REQ Collection. - Varying Objectives. I understand we should be seeing a lot of dynamic objectives to add unique experiences every time we play, but here are some for consideration if they aren’t already:- Generator Defense from Reach’s Firefight

  • Defending another base or your core room from enemies

  • Defending marines while they evacuate

  • Destroy a phantom patrolling the map

  • Hold out a specific area that isn’t your base while waiting for reinforcements

  • Don’t stiff out on rewards. In terms of EXP and RP the rewards should be pretty great towards players especially depending on how well they did in terms of kills, objectives done, as well as if they died and how many times they died. Players shouldn’t be punished or get something that is less rewarding because they play PvE over PvP but there should still be a reason for players to go back to PvP. Add in a new set of Commendations for Firefight as well as new Achievements. Whether it’s going deathless, getting a certain amount of kills on certain kills, or completing X amount of objectives, Warzone Firefight should get both Commendation and Achievement love.I want to thank you for reading this and I hope you all have something to add. And I hope this is being looked at by Josh Holmes, Bravo, and other developers at 343 to help make Warzone Firefight something really fun.

I feel like an interesting way to add variety and replayability to objectives such as the “Find and kill ____” (aka Jackals, for example) or “Defend the Garage” objectives would be to randomize whether or not there is a timer, or to implement infinite enemies for the duration of the round. For example, if the objective were to “Find and kill Knights”, make the round untimed, but make there be a large number of Knights and, in addition, reward players on how quickly they completed the objective. So, if 8 players sucked and took fifteen minutes to find all of them, the amount of XP/RP is minimal, but if they manage it in 1-2 minutes, be very generous. In the “Defend the Garage” example, perhaps unlimited enemies and the only objective being to keep the AI from capturing said base for the duration of the timer could be a variant. These are a bit more casual than the objectives seen in the live stream, I understand, but adding variations on objectives in this manner could really increase replayability, and make the number of objectives for the system to choose from for each round be larger.

Also, a suggestion I have is, what if your REQ energy charged faster with fewer players? Say a lobby of 8 starts a match, but three or four quit, and now the amount of players has been cut in half. This team is at a severe disadvantage now, lacking in numbers and firepower to take out especially the Legendary and Mythic bosses in the final rounds. I think it would be generous to make REQ energy rise/replenish faster than normal for a smaller lobby, to ensure that, even if half the players left the game, those remaining could still make it to victory.

Lastly, I haven’t seen any word on difficulty. Will players be able to choose difficulty before matchmaking, to find a lobby that wants to play on, say, Heroic? For players new to the game, will they be able to find an “Easy” lobby? For veterans of the series, will Legendary or LASO lobbies be possible to find? And, on the point of diverse lobbies, will Warzone Firefight ever manage to make its way to Custom Games, with custom options (but only available to play on the Warzone maps)?

These are just a few suggestions and questions off the top of my head; whether or not 343i reads and considers them doesn’t matter, I’ll still be on this playlist for a good long time. Firefight has been my go-to for a long time on previous titles, and I want to see it as good and replayable as it can possibly be on its return to the franchise.