Warzone Firefight Difficulty and Respawn Times

There should really be an option to reduce the difficulty of the firefight. I can barely complete a full match because my team is never good enough to complete a round. All of the enemies pretty much one shot me and I start out with a 10 second respawn timer on the first wave (that increases every wave)! Also, every wave has a short timer to kill the bullet sponge bosses. Being forced to kill the bosses on a short time leaves little time to kill the other ads and enjoy the firefight. I also dont like how I cannot really use my primary weapons after the 1st round because all of the ads become bullet sponges in addition to the 5 invincible bosses that are spawned. Overall, every match is rushed and is way too difficult, especially if your team is filled with inexperienced players like myself. I understand that people enjoy challenging options, I just think that an easier difficulty should be offered that gives you less experience and req. Points for new players or players that don’t enjoy extremely difficult content.