Warzone Firefight betrayals

Teammates. If you are NOT gonna use your Reqs in wff dont friggin try killing off or betraying your mates for theirs. That yoink is extremely aggravating and can cost ya’ll the game.

That sucks, fortunate for me, that hasn’t happened to me (yet).

That kind of behavior will result in me reporting them on my account, logging off then reporting them on my other account, logging off again and reporting on my wife’s account, then probably creating a second one for her just so I can report them again.

I know the felling. I didn’t got officially betrayed, but you can say I got trolled. I spawned a Hannibal scorpion and one teammate throw one splinter grenade at me so naturally one little elite killed me by shooting around 100k fuel rod shoots. Then, I could see how my teammate was picking up all my weapons and teabaggin my body :confused:

Instant report from me when that happens. Hopefully they’ll get red repped and only match up with other betrayers in future.

I’ve never seen the option to boot in Firefight despite being betrayed in several games, is it not possible to get booted in firefight?

I’ve gotten rank over by mistake or carelessness, but no ones ever done it to jack my weapons.

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> I’ve gotten rank over by mistake or carelessness, but no ones ever done it to jack my weapons.

I had someone trying to throw me over repeatedly when i took out a temple ghost. Since the dude could not he rammed me over and out of the map when i was killing a boss near the ledge. I didn’t mind it much loosing it since i have quite a few of those but it annoyed the living hell out of me. Later into the mach i saw the same dude meleeing someone for their nornfang.

That is pretty crappy. I would instantly report those people.

I’ve only ever betrayed somebody once when I was driving a scout warthog running over enemies on Sanctum. Even then that was by accident since I didn’t see the person sprinting out in front of me.

People need to learn the roads are for driving, not for freaking jumping around like bunnies into a gang of enemies were you can’t see there nametags!!!


This is the lowest level.

I got booted from my first game last night. I accidentally clipped a guy with my ghost after he jumped off a building into my path. I had run over someone earlier that was in a mess of promethians, so I thought it was the same guy, and could see why he’d flag me, I went and checked the replay, and it was some completely random other player. The best i can figure is that he kicked me, because I was currently ranked number 1 and he was number 2.

I try and avoid hitting people, but sometimes it happens. I get accidentally run over all the time. There have been a couple of times I was definitely deliberately targeted, but I’ve never been given the option to boot someone for a betrayal. The most annoying is when someone does it at a req station. I always go block those people after match.

I wish 343 just made it so you cant get run over… When your scout hog or ghost moves out of control because of a tiny ledge, I cant really control it.

I dont use req until seeing at least 2 people use it. also stay away from vehicles friendly or otherwise.

Sometimes is kinda fun when you see the accidental splaters around un WZFF. Sometimes I get splatered in he intermissions 'cause I usually Spartan Charge any Wraith tank user during that time, all out of boredom. Sometimes they shoot at me like telling me: Please STAHP!!!, but sometimes they just run me over. I don’t know, but to me that is funny.