Warzone firefight...and still no infection...

Warzone firefight…and still no infection…

Just give us the gametype we dont need any special skins for it.


It’ll come. Be patient my friend.

Fire Fight is 1000 times better than infection

Its coming soon

Hopefully it will be in the March update, if it isn’t I’m gonna go on a rant, if it is I’ll be satisfied.

Can you stop for a second, look down at your cup and notice that it’s half full?

Perhaps than you might say “OMG! They’re bringing out Firefight!!! Infection has to be next!.. Er, I hope! :D”

It’ll probably be in the next update. Ghosts of Meridian even sounds appropriate for Infection’s return.

I’m sure Infection will release before Firefight. They need to save a few surprises for the next few updates, after all.

Shhh, shh…

Firefight is back. Rejoice.